Dual Citizenship Certificate


Any Bangladeshi national who previously had a Bangladeshi passport and obtained a British passport can retain and renew his Bangladesh passport as per the Bangladeshi rules. In this case, A Dual Nationality Certificate will not be required.

Documents Requirement for Applying for a Dual Nationality Certificate:

  • 1. Filled in the Application form. Available from this link: DUAL CITIZENSHIP APPLICATION FORM.
  • 2. Affidavit affirming the truth of the statement made in the application and signed before the Notary Public / Minister / Counsellor / First Secretary or persons of the equivalent status of the Bangladesh Assistant High Commission, Birmingham. This is attached to the form.
  • 3. Signatures on all pages where specified are required as handwritten and genuine. No photocopies of signatures are allowed.
  • 4. Copy of foreign Passport and Citizenship Certificate or Naturalization Certificate.
  • 5. 6 copies of passport-size colour photographs taken within the last 6 (six) months with white background. Stapled two copies with the first set and one copy each with the second and third set Other two we will keep which is required in Dhaka. Write the applicant's name on the back of the photos. Please staple the photo, do not use glue.
  • 6. Copy of Birth certificates of children born in the United Kingdom.
  • 7. Copy of the Parent's Bangladesh Passport/National ID Card (pages 1-7, if the passport is handwritten) or Dual Citizenship Certificate of the parent.
  • 8. Photocopy of Bangladesh Passport (pages 1-7, if the passport is handwritten) (If Applicable).
  • 9. Fee: GBP 50 payable at the counter by Bank Cards Only.



The applicant needs to book an appointment. PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR APPOINTMENTS. (Please be advised, that only the applicant may enter the premises during the appointment). 

Note: After receiving all the documents from the applicant the documents will be sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs in Bangladesh. The Dual Nationality Certificate will be handed over to the applicant once this is received from the Ministry of Home Affairs in Bangladesh. The High Commission will not be able to forecast the required time to process in the ministry.