Requirements for the submission of Sponsorship Application:


Application may be submitted in person with a prior appointment or by post. 



  1. A complete filled application form. 

  2. Valid Bangladeshi Passport of the sponsor with Passport Photocopy ( all of the information pages) or Valid UK Passport with No-Visa Sticker/Stamp along with a photocopy. The validity of a UK passport has to be a minimum of six months.

  3. 1 (one) recent Passport size photograph of each sponsored person.

  4. Self-addressed prepaid special delivery envelope.
  5. CLICK HERE for appointment. (Please be advised, that only the applicant may enter the premises during the appointment). 



Payment Method:


  • Debit card: to submit in person

  • Postal Order Payable to “ Bangladesh Assistant High Commission, Birmingham” to receive services by post.  

  • Application Fees (Non-Refundable): £5.00/- per person.


Postal Address: 

Bangladesh Assistant High Commission

The Southside Building

31 Hurst Street


B5 4BD